Well With The World is an international, volunteer-run educational video series to support people’s health during the COVID-19 pandemic, put together by Dr. Brian Tobin and Sophie Ash, who are both strong advocates of collaboration for health education purposes. Dr. Tobin has international humanitarian involvement and a medical career spanning three decades. Whereas Sophie works with healthcare professionals often, as a medical writer, and hosts a careers discovery podcast for Prospology. The WWTW content creation team is comprised of Project Director and Series Host, Sophie Ash, the talented branding and design specialist, Loree Blue, artificial intelligence engineer, Firat Can Nur, and social media manager, Dustin Huynh. Dr. Tobin is the team’s Guest & Sponsorship Recruiter and is working to introduce guests from a wide range of health and wellness backgrounds to help WWTW create valuable, credible content accessible by all.